Cron Education Management Systems

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Attractive Frontend

Your customers (parents and students) are going to use an education management system on a daily basis, so you will want to make sure that the software features an attractive user interface. Please see our sample.


Our management system tracks the attendance of students, analyzes attendance data, and shares the data with parents.

Student/Parent/Instructor Management

Cronsoft helps the students, staff, and parents stay engaged and up-to-date within the education system. Our cloud-based system ensures healthy student-instructor and instructor-parent collaborations that go beyond just the physical classroom.

Online Courses

Our management system can offer hybrid and on-line courses to provide flexible schedule and environment.

Quickbooks Integrations

Your expenses, payroll system, and student's payments are integrated with your Quickbook account to minimize the manual data entry.


Our digital library can provide a collection of documents – such as magazine articles, book, papers, images, sound files and videos to maximize students' learning performance.

SMS System

To deliver alerts and notices, SMS messages can be used among staffs, students, and parents.

Inventory Management

To improve the efficiency of your operations, an inventory management system is embedded in education management.

Payroll Management

Payroll is a business-critical operation. To pay your staffs and instructors accurately, a payroll management system is a part of our education management.

Certification and Report Generation

Cron management system generates customized certification and reports.


Cronsoft provides premium advertizement services -- ad video, banner, etc.

And More...

Cronsoft is designing a private on-line lecture and progress management systems using deep learning.

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